Budget Deficit

The COVID-19 outbreak will leave Minnesota with a sizable budget deficit, likely larger than anything we’ve seen in recent years. In the weeks and months to come, lawmakers will need to evaluate ways to reduce spending and downsize state government while continuing to provide essential services to Minnesotans. State government should not ask Minnesotans to pay more taxes to address our looming budget deficit, especially when so many folks are in financial distress. The path forward will require strong leadership, shared sacrifice and tough decisions to ensure our state government lives within its means.

My experience in the banking and finance industry has prepared me to evaluate balance sheets, cash flows and fiscal policy in a professional and thoughtful way. I have the knowledge, skills, and experience to hit the ground running and understand the complexities of the state budget. This positions me to provide leadership and insight into ways we can reduce spending and make state government more efficient, without raising taxes.


Farmers have been hit hard by the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. While the extent of the economic damage is yet to be fully realized, we have seen farmers impacted by shutdowns at meatpacking plants in Worthington, Willmar, Sioux Falls, and around the upper Midwest as well as other possible disruptions to the food supply chain. The agricultural industry and the farmers that support it are the backbone of rural communities across Minnesota.

As the President at First Farmers & Merchants Bank with 15 years of agricultural lending experience I have gained an intimate understanding of the challenges facing the Ag industry, a vital sector of the state and our local community’s economy. This positions me to play a key role in the development of an economic recovery package, for our district and our farmers. My experience working with farms, and small business finances will be valuable in helping scrutinize and improve state business assistance programs that will be critical in helping our Minnesota farms and businesses recover.

" If you have other questions about my positions on the issues, please contact me directly at or 612-437-7785. Should I be elected I will NEVER forget who elected me, and I will work tirelessly for you!